Portrait of Austerity

Portrait of Austerity c.2023

This piece of work is threaded, marked by wants, needs, desires, the lost years of youth and the ripple affects of social health and well-being for young people due to the Social Health Austerity measures put in place by David Cameron’s party in the UK in 2010.

More than 330,000 excess deaths in Great Britain in recent years can be attributed to spending cuts to public services and benefits introduced by a UK government pursuing austerity policies, according to an academic study by Journal of Epidemiology and Community Health.

‘Youth services exist to provide a sense of belonging, a safe space, and the opportunity for young people to enjoy being young,’

Denise Hatton, chief executive of YMCA England & Wales.

‘The reality behind these figures is that since 2010 more than 4,500 youth work jobs have been cut and 940 youth centres have closed. We believe this is unacceptable,’ continued Ms Hatton.

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