Can I take your photograph please?

A portrait is not made in the camera but either side of it – Edward Steichen

I shot this photograph in Baron’s night club in Swansea in 2001, it’s a portrait of my sister. Taking a photograph of a human being can be very intimidating for both the person being photographed and the photographer. They are both performances in there own right. What you communicate is the relationship between both. I shot it on 35mm transparency film and then processed in the colour darkrooms. Ohh how I miss those days of being in the colour darkrooms at Uni. I remember we had a music competition between blaring Madonna at one end and Metallica at the other. While an MA student was downing a bottle of vodka in between. But now  the dominance of digital photography this creative environment has now changed.When I caught up with my old lecturer he said that the community of the darkrooms and students busying about has all but disappeared. With students preferring to stay at home and work from their own computers. Oh to the good old days.



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