Be more Joan Miro

I visited the Joan Miro’s studio/home in Mallorca called Fundacio Miro Mallorca, I must confess I hadn’t been to a gallery exhibition for ages. And I am so pleased I did. It reminded me that Art needs a space of quietness, a space of contemplation, a space dedicated to allow art to breath and be experienced through quietness and stillness without a price tag sitting next to it, these public institutions are precious.

Joan Miro’s work gave me a sense of calmness, peace but a sense of experimental/ punk element to it. It was very primal, less is more. And I came away feeling, Be more Joan Miro………in the sense of calmness, detox from an over saturation of imagery, opinion and more, more, more.

I thought about how he’d explained in video, he likes to work in silence, to be. And I imagined what he would be like if he was working now with the interruption of his smart phone/laptop, updating his profile, storyline on instagram, Facebook, twitter, YouTube, WhatsApp, tik Tok.

What would his work be like?

But then I thought how this can rob an artist of their self worth, creative passion, energy, flow.

And I thought be more Joan Miro………………………………….

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