There’s writing the short Bio and the there’s writing the Short Bio

Just finished it!

Born in Wales, UK. My artistic career began with finding a voice, the day I picked up a camera was the beginning of my artistic career, it taught me not to be afraid, to stand up for myself and be a positive force for change…….Blah, blah, blah……….(note to reader this is actually the beginning of my short bio and I won’t bore you with the rest).

Why do we write these short bios? to sell ourselves? to brand ourselves? to say how shit hot we are?

I wanted to write I have been awarded all these awards, exhibited in shit hot galleries but I haven’t.

I am being honest, for me art is about making it, yes Awards are important but they shouldn’t define ability, popularity.

I keep thinking about the Stuckest Manifesto, and I really do love it. It’s about empowering the artist, right now. It’s not about if I get this award then I’ll get this exhibition and then I’ll get noticed by………….

It’s about putting art into the hands of the artist not just about making but how art work lives, and where and who it engages with.

Thank you Stuckest, from a Stuckest wannabe who doesn’t just paint.

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