I just watched ‘Capaldi, How I’m feeling now’ on Netflix.

Capaldi talks about how he is often overcome by ‘imposter syndrome’. He also talks about how ‘he doesn’t understand why people come to watch him’ he says this in such a profound way it pulls at my heart because he says it from a place of insecurity. As oppose to so much of the world of fame which is driven by ego.

But I have his answer to his question

It’s because his songs resonate with people. That is the beauty of music people can feel a sense of solace, peace and belonging. I remember hearing his song on the radio and it just grabbed something from my heart, it took me to a place where I felt the pain of losing someone very close to me, this song resonated with me it helped me to grieve, I later found out he’d written the song just after his Nan had passed away.

Music is such a powerful art form it is like a drug it takes you on its journey whether your ready to go there or not. And Capaldi took me to place of grieving which I would often try to deny myself but this time I had no choice in the matter.

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