Visual Voices International Scam Update!

I would like to say a big thank you to the wonderful artists who contacted me to share their experience of being scammed by an arts organisation called Visual Voices International. Artists pour the life and soul into their art work and when we come across such destructive intentions as the individuals at Visual Voices International it stays with you and cuts you deep often resulting in a creative block, literally stopping you from doing what is deep inside your soul, your drive and passion to be creative.

I fell victim to these scammers it took me a year to realise what was happening and then to finally pluck up the courage to share my experience on my blog and I am so GLAD I did!

The story then started to make sense it wasn’t just me! I wasn’t alone feeling shit, thinking my art work is shit! what a fool to be hooked and scammed and bank account dry!

I felt a deep sense of closure and reassurance when other artists started to contact me to share what they had been through. It was exactly the same. Thank you so much for contacting me and making me feel like I was not the only one.

Artists are very venerable at times simply because of the nature of their work, they are absorbing and creating intimate parts of their soul to then be shared, judged, ignored, encouraged, loved………….but it is tough at times, often working in isolation so when individuals like Visual Voices International email you its hard not to ask your coworker next to you the vital question What do you think?

So here’s an update it seems that they have closed their Instagram page and yesterday their site was down too?! I have just checked today and their site is back up online…………let’s see what happens?

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