My BEST art discoveries this year!

The BEST online artists’ networks, resources and opportunities I have discovered this year, please take a dive in and see what happened this year…………..

Disability Arts Online

I am so happy to have discovered this amazing net work of artists. They talk about the crucial and cutting edge challenges and issues facing the art world. I have taken part in there online discussions, been an online audience member to their festivals and exhibitions.

They are bursting with opportunities too, I highly recommend you find out more about them, subscribe, sign up to their talks, and take part in their discussions and discover new artists.

Axis Web

I highly recommend Axis, especially if you wanted to find out more about the UK art scene. They have online talks, workshops, advice and opportunities for artists. Recently they have implemented an interactive community platform, which I have found very helpful and gives an added nurturing dimension to connecting with artists and sharing your work, ideas etc. The online community platform is direct in engagement rather than placing your profile in the sea of other artists’ profiles this way you are connecting directly with a timeline that grows, and intertwines with other users on the platform. It is also a gentle introduction to having an online presence too.

Artist Alliance

Artist Alliance, I am so thrilled to have found such an nurturing net work of artist, based in California, the founder is Jen Tough. She brought it to life in the pandemic turning her gallery from bricks and mortar to the transformation of the digital world. I highly recommend artists joining this collective. There are so many resources about how to develop your practice, which give structure to your work both creatively, marketing, and engaging with other artists and galleries. PLUS it is full of fabulous artists too.

Curator Space

And Lastly Curator Space, a brilliant platform for artists looking for opportunities to exhibit their work etc. The platform is straight forward and easy to use.

If you have any recommendations of your own please get in touch. And I’d love to share them! Please post them below in the comments section.

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