The advice I’d give myself now fresh from art school 20yrs on is…….

You will not be discovered

You will not be discovered by hoping you’ll be discovered.

You will not be discovered because you think you should be discovered.

One of my major mistakes which I have carried with me is that you hope and prey that you will be discovered.

This comes down to my experience of being an art graduate because of the bubble you are in. It is a double edged sword in art school because you are given the freedom and space to explore and discover your art practice but not the tools to be proactive in the real world as an artist. I think that we are fed messages through culture that artists are poor and only recognised when their dead. The concept is rooted in artists which is not healthy, you have given up before even starting.

The advice I’d give myself now is that being an artist is about being vulnerable, it’s part of the process. It’s not a cut and dry thing, whether people like your work or not, don’t stop at the first huddle. Surround yourself by positive people, be different, always educate yourself and lastly GO to openings because your art is about the relationships you build, that is the golden key and that is how you will get your work seen. So when you have another invite to art exhibition opening whether it’s online or in person GO!

My next blog will be the highlights of all the new contacts, educational resources and networks I have made, I hope these will be useful for you too.

If you are going to an art exhibition opening night of your own or other artists please send me a photo and let me know how you got on.


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