I wish I had listened to this podcast when I left Art School, 20 years ago!

I have just discovered this amazing podcast called Tough on Art.

Jen Tough is the founder of the Artist Alliance based in San Francisco, She knows everything you need to know about developing your practice, engaging in audiences whether that is through art fairs or galleries.

Please have a listen to the podcast below, click on the link and it will take you straight there.

Q&A: How to Get an Art Gallery

Jen discusses the importance of the relationships you form through your art work. It’s not about rocking up to galleries or sending emails saying “I’d like to introduce myself, I am a visual artist and I’d like to submit my work for your consideration’ yes I have done that an I am sure I am not the only one.

Jen explains the importance of attending art openings to get to know the curators, gallery owners and other artists. It takes patience but it works.

I wish I had listened to this podcast when I left art school because it takes the mystification and shines a light on the gallery systems and how to approach them.

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