Where I am from……

So above is my extract from the Artist Alliance Residency that I am doing at the moment.The images are parts of work that may or may not end up together, I often work on different pieces of work at the same time, I like this style of working because it gives favourite to what I do.

Words have been my direction of focus this last past week, I have found them grounding. I write my morning papers every morning (basically a diary, some of you I am sure have heard of morning papers. its from The Artist Way by Julian Cameron) it's an amazing book. So back to this week, I came across the poem 'Where I am from' it was shared to me by friend and artist Vivian Rhule. Viv has used this poem when working with young people creating creative projects. Love the sound of this, its so simple, so engaging. The work I have produced this week has been very reflective it's still in parts, but I am being draw towards using textiles and weaving too. Where I am from...........it is cold, where I am from people sing from the hills, where I am from people make welsh cakes, where I am from history is made, where I am from art showed me the way. 

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