My top 3 photographers when I found them & what is happening now

Walker Evans, I discovered Evans in 2000, at the time Evans had a major retrospective of this work at the Metropolitan Museum (1903–1975) displayed some 175 vintage prints from public and private collections throughout the United States and Canada, and drew upon newly available material from the photographer’s archive, which was acquired by the Metropolitan Museum in 1994. 

Fast forward 15 years and The Guardian have an article on about his work The Guardian ‘Walker Evans: images from the father of American documentary photography’

Francesca Woodman, I discovered this photographer when learning about black and white photographer and the darkroom printing process 1999.

A beautiful collection of her work can be seen at Marian Goodman Gallery, ‘Alternate States’ 2021.

Cindy Sherman, I remember exactly where I saw her work, it was 2000, I remember pulling her book off the library shelve in my art school. She captured exactly what I believed photography could be, a place to capture imagination.

In 2022 A celebration of 45 years since Untitled film stills

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