Home studio ‘residency’ with Artist Alliance

I have just become a member of the Artist Alliance online collective. I believe it’s so much easier being part of a collective than battling on, often in isolation, wondering why I am I doing this?

Art is a force in itself and to join with other artists always leads to amazing possibilities. In years, decades to come what will they call this movement of the art world?

I am starting a residency with the Artist Alliance beginning today. The residency takes place in your home studio, you are required to post a weekly progress of your work and give feedback to other residency artists, finishing with an online zoom sharing what you have been making, challenges etc. And the final, final bit being an online exhibition with Artsy

If anyone has any tips about your art residency please feel free to share them.

My last residency took place in Llandrindod Wells, with Celf O Gwmpas. It was so good just dedicate uninterrupted time into my work.

Lastly if you are looking for a collective please take a look at the Artist Alliance Collective.

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