What is in a title? Untitled……….

When I finish a piece of work I often find it hard to title my work, I think because I don’t want to pigeon hole it. I think because in my formative years at Art School my influences such as Cindy Sherman and Wolfgang Tillmans would often title their work Untitled, this kind of stuck with me.

Cindy Sherman

Wolfgang Tillmans

Alternatively Joan Miro took a different approach……….

A painting suggests a title to me, not the other way round.

Joan Miro

In a letter to Roland Penrose, Miro wrote. 1978

The title is very poetic, but very limited, women, bird....very specific titles.
The Title comes of its own accord. I never have titles beforehand. The Titles come after the fact. It's like a child. When child is born, you give it a name, but not before its birth.

The 'femme' element continues to be a 'women' like a 'oiseau' or n 'toile', but the lines of the women change all the time and so does the bird, it's always different. It remains very limited, 'femme-oiseau-etoile-lune-personnage' etc, but each times it's different.

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