I got Scammed by Visual Voices International @ Madison Square

My experience with this so called Artist Consultancy was disappointing to say the least, I wanted to share this experience with you.

They contacted me after seeing an article of my work in an art magazine and I fell for them hook line and sinker, there website looks amazing. But unfortunately that was as far as it went.

I paid them money for a package that would support with my practice, to market, promote etc. But instead I got a head ache.

At first I received a flattering email off Olivia asking me to complete a questionnaire which to it’s credit was well thought out.

But after realising that the white sheets started to appear and a ghost fully formed, their communication evaporated. I started to feel something in my bones.

After eight months with my questionnaire complete and a promise to publish my profile on their editorial section in April 2022, June soon came round and NOTHING.

So I asked for my money back and this is what I received from Simon Germans.

(Ms Thomas is my agent who tried contacting Mr Germans but to no avail, I never received an email. And they have both my email addresses on file because two of his colleagues had no problem contacting to get my money).

I am still waiting for my refund!

I did feel very embraced and strong sense of shame at the time. It was all a lie I had been working with these people, person who ever they are for over 9 months, sending emails, hopeful, wasting time, confused.

If you have any experience with Visual Voices International please let me know or any other art scam.

My advice would be if these companies do contact you, have a zoom call, meeting in person, check their instagram, artsy, speak to other artists that are using them and their experience.

I hope this has been helpful.

I will post the scam interview next time……………………………………..

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