Art is here to tell history who will tell yours?

This piece of work is a comment, an artefact that was produced in the pandemic.

When it kicked in in 2020 March I had come down with the virus (which in the end left me bed ridden for three months), watching Boris Johnson explain that we were at the beginning of a pandemic and we were going into a lockdown, what was a lockdown?

At the time it was suggested through viral messages that it would last two months, let alone two years. I remember feeling like the opposing ends of a magnet when in the company of people, crossing the road like zombies afraid to catch the invisible monster of covid.

I believe in years to come we will look back on the pandemic as a physical and mental health endurance of human kind and a technological time of the search for authenticity of truth.

I produced this piece of work in lockdown in 2021.

2021 c.Sheree Murphy

Artists’ are here to tell history who will tell yours?

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