Scrap Art GCSE

GCSE art and design candidate numbers have fallen to the lowest level recorded this century

National Society for Education in Art and Design 2022

GCSE Art is VERY outdated. Stop producing the same content year after year after year. I understand Picasso is an amazing artist! I get Matisse is fantastic too! But there are other artists in this huge world we live in and believe it or not they are living on our streets, in our communities.

Stop making Art GCSE entry for people who can draw, I couldn’t draw at school because I had no confidence and was never shown how too. Drawing is not a magic trick it can be taught, exactly like reading and learning maths.

Stop making Art GCSE the oak tree to art, make it the seed. Nurture the persons creativity to challenge, experiment and take risks.

Focus on the process not the end product that must look exactly like the vase of flowers you have been staring at for class after class after class.

Art GCSE is not about product design, it’s about understanding the world around us.

Instead make art accessible not a PRIVILEGE.

Learn what art is, about, value, why we need art in our lives, process, identity, communication, self expression, interdisciplinary, inclusive. Be fearless, ask questions, learn about culture and history and stamp your voice today on it.

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