Gilbert and George

I discovered Gilbert and George in my first year of art school when we went on a trip to Ireland in 1999. I saw an exhibition of their work in Irish Museum of Modern Art in Dublin.

It was probably the first art gallery I had ever been too, I was 19 years old. My family are not creative, I felt going through school that art was not something I could do, all I knew about it was that in school you were encouraged to study Picasso, Matisse and draw the perfect drawing. This was so distanced from me I had no confidence in my drawing abilities and without being rude or dismissive to the greats I had know interest in copying artists work and replicating their style.

BUT when I discovered Gilbert and George something clicked in me.

I was able to see that being normal and twisted were all you needed to be creative. Look around you and process it through your OWN interpretation.

I was so taken back by Gilbert and George’s appearance, they looked so normal, straight laced in their suits and appearance almost like politicians, (maybe they are the politician’s of the art world) but were twisted and evocative with their art.

Gilbert & George

…………..I think we see the seeds of freedom and prejudice within the detail of our community. From stickers on lampposts, graffiti tags, text what people might say. We are always seeing freedom and prejudices around us. And it is from those two things we build an average new normal……..Gilbert and George 2021 speaking at The White Cube Gallery in 2021 about the exhibition.

To take you back to the artist statement from an earlier post. I am working on my own process of writing about my practice. So I have started to listen to other artists discuss their own work and what it means to them. I think the point I am at now with my practice, I need to step back and write and analyse where I started and where I am now and what has happened,

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