Often I don’t no why I use the materials I do to make?

I have recently started to use clay from the field next to my house where I walk my dog, we live in Mallorca and the clay is amazing it seems to imprint the mood of the landscape deep within it. When its wet it’s gloopy but when it’s hot which it is now it’s dry with magnificent cracks running deep into its surface.

I have started to create vessels using the clay to hold the natural detail of the landscape inside. I love the abundance this has given me, nature is constantly changing but has a stable force, ever there and ever present.

Just researching now and I have come across the artist Miquel Barcelo who has created these magnificent ceramics, and he is born in Mallorca! These consistencies are so strange when making art. These ever presents connections that natural occur, a bit like when you connect with other artists, they are like old friends who have always know each other.

Miquel Barceló

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