The moment we are deceased

The moment we are deceased we become the subject of stories. Hilary Mantel explains in a recent Reith Lecture I listened too.

Those who’ve left us aren’t absent, they’re invisible, they keep their eyes full of glory fixed in ours full of tears.

Saint Augustine

Mantel explains the twists and curves of history and memory and legacy. She explains that the dead are still alive through our genes, DNA of our ancestors. This is not only apparent in our physicality but also our personality traits too.

Stories are how we remember, to connect the personal story with the collective story is the formation of legacy and love for our passed and projection to the future.

When I listened to her lecture it made me reflect on my practice and what I do, the first thing that sprung to mind was a photograph (below) where I unexpectedly captured an apparition at my fathers home in 2007.

However what you may believe it to be is your own personal to you.

So after my recollection, interpretation and a nights sleep, I my believe practice is concerned with the past, the human condition and the invisible.

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