Tips for inspirations and advice

Bill Cunningham book Fashion Climbing such an amazing book and the documentary Bill Cunningham New York is fabulous. Cunningham shares his love and fascination for the world of fashion. I often think of the competitive and divisive nature of this world but he projects and explores the honest beauty and identity we all hold and wear with the clothes we choose and find their way to our wardrobes..

New York Times Article Fashion Climbing

Bill Cunningham New York Trailer

The Artists Information Company, a great resource for every artists’ tool kit, filled with how to write a contract for commissions, what fees to charge, ethics and current issues facing the art world. They are located in the UK. I could not be an artist with out them.

Axis is a fantastic online platform for meeting other artists and sharing your practice, they run regular events online which are affordable and relevant to what is happening in the art world today.

Disability Arts Online is a super resource for finding out more about accessibility and inclusivity in the world of the arts, they have great articles too written by artists and their experiences of disability in the arts based in the UK

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