2020 Poem

Goodbye………………., goodbye to your control, your mind games, your empowerment, your need to control our bodies, minds and souls. Yes its over you hear me! we swallowed you whole. Now its time for you to go.

Never mind you left your belongings they will soon follow you whole, goodbye for now, we’ll never miss you or hope for your betrayal now go.

You journeyed here from over seas by breath and by air, through our thoughts, fears and believes that you stained our throats and remain in us whole for two weeks or so.

Goodbye to the births of your variants they tried to stick around but science was the marathon endurer. Goodbye, good luck you’ve killed, maimed a war upon our souls.

You brought with you the constraints of every tragic Shakespeare role.

Since you arrived I thought about you like a person obsessed not with a lover but a dark demoned that hung around with not knowing when you were there, you cast your net, shadow wide enveloping those who were there, not caring about the torcher, screams, pain you held with no care, lives ruined, people catastrophising and gaining financially but with no friends who cared.

You gave a pardon on those Christmases that just weren’t there, children are hungry, parents at wits ends, not knowing who cares for them, with businesses closed, and ideas frozen, theatres never chosen for people to stare.

Whats going to happen, in the location for cares, thoughts our hearts and minds, but we know its all over, your gone, no longer, goodbye, science prevailed, humanity adapted and changed. Your pain released and disdain. Friends reunited, upset dissipated, anger infiltrated by love, laughter, light, hope and peace, goodbye your no longer.

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