Dear Corona Virus

You’ve taken my mental health from me, my freedom.
You came in the night like a parasite.
Your remnants is left like damp in the walls. 

Silently lingering when I think you’ve moved on, you return by crippling my body, taking away my basic human rights.
You taught me the importance of life and not to take the simplest of things for granted.

But when you chose me to harvest, you entangled my soul into your forest.
You have consumed my every waking hour and now its time to leave, the curtain has be drawn and seats folded. 
Its time to leave because your not wanted here.

I will grow strong again, stronger than your intoxicating hour.
My body is mine not taken by your power.

I am a mountain.
I am all the minutes in an hour.
I will look back and remember each of these god damn waking hours.

I stand tall like a soldier not ready to fall but a witness to this world wide historical fall.

Come with me and you will see the rainbows through the tall staggering towers.

We maybe small but we shall never fall.

By Sheree Murphy June 2020

A Portrait of Our Nation 2020 – this is an outstanding collection of photographs taken in the UK when Corona Virus first came to our shores.

The collection as been put together at The National Portrait Gallery London

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