$4 Billion or Time?

On Average Coca – Cola has spent on average $4bn in advertising over the last six years.

Today 10am

How to we best advertise our work? people say online platforms are amazing because its all free, but these platforms are already swamped with imagery.

Back in 2013 three years into the beginning of Instagram there were over 150 million users, 16 billion photos shared and 1 billion likes happening each day.

I think that when work is uploaded i.e. a painting, photograph etc, it can be very detrimental as its worth is often valued by how many likes, shares etc it’s life has online.

When a piece of art is made how we advertise it, share it, give it life outside the studio is not so much about throwing money into it, but giving it time its so important to allow the piece of work to develop contextually. What was happening in the world when the work was made? what life events were happening to the artist or historical events. These are play a role in the life of a piece of art work.

Coca Cola can keep its $4BN marketing budget I am going to go with time instead.

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