Established but still emerging

Established, emerging, one to watch!

Within the art world these words are often banded about, used to stamp an artists level of success. But what do they mean? how are they defined?…….by how many paintings an artist can sell, the value of an art work? the social impact of a piece of art?

I decided to take my establishment into my own hands, by going right to the top of the British art establishment, TATE Britain.

I sent my proposal to them and this is what I received back.

Dear Sheree,

I hope all is well with you. Thank you for getting in touch and for your interest in exhibiting at Tate. Your proposal has been forwarded to the relevant curator at Tate Britain for consideration.

Please note that it is quite rare for external exhibition proposals to be included in the programme. Our exhibition programmes are usually confirmed around three years in advance, and most exhibitions are the result of proposals from internal curators or collaborations with other institutions. Therefore, we can only rarely accommodate unsolicited projects.

Due to the large volume of proposals received, we will only be able to respond to those proposals which would be appropriate for our programmes. Tate will endeavour to respond to those proposals of suitability within 2 to 3 months. We are grateful for your patience while we consider them.

Thanks and best wishes,

Lauren Greenwood

Programme Coordinator

Tate Britain

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