Homage To Anna D

I often work in coffee shops as I am a freelance artist and being at home can give me cabin fever. When I over heard a gentleman on the phone say “…….that’s the world we live in now! its all about money…….” he then apologised to me saying “sorry love if I was loud” We continued to talk and he shared with me that he was a traveller and inventor and showed me his latest invention.

What I found interesting here is the dominance of the success we see in material items of which my short below looks at. Its about the fake heiress Anna Delvey.

I created this video using mono prints taken from Instagram of the infamous Anna Delvey. A fascinating character, similar to the film Ingrid Go’s West. She uses a fictional profile to advertise her envious life style and in doing so invented a con artist known as Anna Delvey.

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