Picture Maker’s photography course is back starting September 9th 2019.

via Picture Maker’s photography course is back starting September 9th 2019.

Hello All, I shall be running an online photography course exploring the creative side to photography, its open to all abilities.

The course is very open but if you love photography and are new to it or have a portfolio you’d like to develop further this course is great as it will give you clear goals to aim for and help you to learn about the basics of how to get the best out of your camera.

A lot of DSLR’s can be very intimating with all the different functions, its always best to not get bogged down in the technical so you can allow your imagination to follow.

Included with this course is a one to one session that can be accessible via Face-time and a photo walk. There is also a dedicated Picture Maker’s website which serves as a platform to sharing your photos with other Picture Maker’s on the course so everyone feels connected. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact me. The course is a 6 week course and fee £80.

Please follow link to Picture Maker’s website above.

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