Looking through the frame……

Ahhh!!! I am fed up of justifying why the arts are important in our communities here in the UK. Will the arts only be accessed by the very, very, very few. Will Arts education only be accessible by the privileged….oh how boring!!!!!!! Oh and be thankful you have one hour of art a week in school.

Art is not about selling a painting for millions of pounds its about;

Process, experiencing, problem solving, challenging, history, politics, science, maths, literature, music, expression, vision, mood, emotion, community, sharing, understanding, listening, dancing, decision making and so much more. Art is not  only about being able to draw, art is so much more. Art has no boundaries, is not censored, unlimited, profound……………..

The photograph below I took at home. For me it captures the beauty all around us. The magic of light dancing on the wall. The amazing ability that we all have the ability to be creative. This was taken on my iPhone – the instrument that has made photography a tool to every ones finger tips.





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