Mastering our creative Process -Annie Leibovitz

Annie leibovitz explains the creative process beautifully here;

We talk about the creative process, about how to sustain it. “Talent is something anyone can have. It can go away. It needs to be nurtured, taken care of. The best thing about getting older is that you kind of know what you are doing — if you stick with something. It doesn’t get easier. But you get stronger. Pilgrimage is an exercise in taking care of what I do. My books are my way of being able to express myself completely.”

Annie Leibovitz

‘Pilgrimage’ is about more than the objects she photographed but objects of simplicity and integrity. When producing this project she was told not to do it because it would not make any money. But to Leibovitz it wasn’t about the money but the thirst to nurture her creative soul.

Sigmund Freud’s Cocuch, Freud Museum, London, UK
Sigmund Freud’s Couch, Freud Museum, London, UK
Georgia O’Keeffe’s pastels, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum & Research Center, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Georgia O’Keeffe’s pastels, Georgia O’Keeffe Museum & Research Centre, Santa Fe, New Mexico
Elvis Presley’s TV, Graceland, Memphis, Tennessee
Ansel Adams’ darkroom, Carmel, California
Emily Dickinson’s only surviving dress, Amherst Historical Society, Amherst, Massachusetts
Niagara Falls, Ontario, Canada
Emily Dickinson’s herbarium, Harvard University, Cambridge, Massachusetts
Gloves worn by Abraham Lincoln the night of his assassination, Abraham Lincoln Presidential Library and Museum, Springfield, Illinois

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