Love not hate

This week has been a very unsettling time for the UK particularly for young people. As they were the targets of a cowardice act that took place only a few days ago in Manchester. On the news there is lots of info about how to explain to children and young people the events that unfolded at Manchester. But as a mother of a twelve year old girl what can you say except the truth. And to emphasis the importance of love and not hate. They are the generation of change and hope. Not just here in the UK but all over our beautiful planet.
Young people are living in an age where communication to the world is at their finger tips, they can unlock knowledge from just the click of a button. Social media is there main ingredient of communication. With more emphasis on body image than ever. And mental health issues at an all time high.

The pressure for young people in the UK can be overbearing at times. However young people are more open than ever and they are freer now than ever to access the world and grab it by two hands to love and preserve it.

This post is dedicated to young people and I respect you, love you, you make me laugh, cry, listen, learn, share and what else can I say but never change.

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