Remembering the past while walking into the future…………

08.05.17 – 08.25am –  Ystalyfera Wales UK


Date Unknown –


My Great Grandma -Nanny  Dor with Grandpa – Both amazing characters. My memory of Nanny Dor as a child – was her house full of cigarette smoke and when ever we visited we would always have 4 cans of Guinness and  a packet of Silkcut cigarettes, she was a women not to mess with!

My Grand Father was a Docker and a heavy drinker and the age of 66 he had open heart surgery. His doctor informed him that if he didn’t stop drinking he would die. After surgery he completely stopped drinking, And as a child I remember him say at parties ‘ I don’t drink’ and I assumed from that he only drank tea. He also taught me how to draw the number 5. He was my rock and an amazing role model for myself and siblings when growing up.

The little boy peering in the background is my little brother Ryan, this is from a separate photograph.  A reflection of the past looking into the future.

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