Committee Meeting 1987

‘Docker’s Club – Committee Meeting 1987’ 2009



Singleton Park Swansea 2009


How you capture a photograph is unique to how we see the world around us, not always needing to capture a photograph in sharp focus while looking straight through the viewfinder. Both photographs are out of focus, I love the ethereal quality they both unveil. Glimpses of familiarity mixed with questions and unanswered truths.

My subject matter is my late Grandfather, who was a Swansea Docker and a very proud committee member. In his later years he would walk from Sketty Park to Swansea Docker’s club, through Singleton Park.

In 2009 I visited Swansea Docker’s club to see the place my Grandfather held close to his heart. I spoke to owner of the club and he showed me in to the committee room, a place I felt very privileged to be in when I was a child. Now 28 years older and now only with my Grandfather’s presence within my memory and heart. I was shown a photograph of which my Grandfather stood very proudly in along with the rest of the board members of the Dockers club in 1987. I held my camera out and ‘snap’ I recaptured a moment in time not to be forgotten.

Swansea Docker’s Club is a place  of great resonance to me, and a place where my parents also celebrated their marriage in 1975.



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