Experiential Learning through Art Making -Experience We Make –


The work I produce is experiential, from my experience, knowledge, connection to the world around me. Be it through media, peers, loves, hates, it all comes down to experience and how that is passed. The image above is about many concepts. For me it conveys a country that is close to my heart America and the political climate depicting the colours of the America Flag to faith and my Irish ancestors, prosperity to desperation. A concoction of the ups and downs of life.

How life is full of ups and downs, this is what art is all about conveying meaning through the manifestation of thought turned into making, creating.

Authenticity in art is a  huge factor which is conveyed in centre image of a beautiful child’s sketch which I found in a Charity shop hidden in an old sketch book . The drawing perhaps long long forgot but the message still strong  full of tragic resonance. A child’s drawing is untainted by self doubt but an instrument to play and their place in the world.





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