Our Arts isn’t a commodity you can gamble with.

 imageTo Whom It May Concern;

 I am a community artist and practitioner. I am currently running my third photographic course- Picture Makers at The Pontardawe Art Centre, where I have taught over 30 students the skills they need to develop a photographic portfolio and understand the principles of photography and its visual discourse. I have also exhibited at the Gallery many times and curated an exhibition of local artists in 2013.

 Pontardawe Art Centre is the jewel of Pontardawe, connecting its community to national and international arts and culture through; film, theatre, drama, dance, music and the arts, the list goes on.

For this beating heart of culture and the arts to be sacrificed through budget cuts would be a crime to the community and its well being. Pontardawe Art Centre has established an outstanding reputation, where people travel vast distances to experience the arts and culture on show there. The arts centre is a place of shared experiences where its audiences connect to the magic of theatre, cinema, music, dance, the arts and much more. It is a place of sanctuary where ambition, imagination, celebration, wonderment, excitement are nurtured through its artists and audiences alike.

To see the art centre hit with budget cuts would create a void of unspeakable damage to the community and beyond with its impact felt by generations to come.

Best Regards

Sheree Murphy

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