Her Truth……….

I have decided to continue a project that is very dear to me, and combine the concept with science. I think too often we  have a tendency to isolate our practice. This is a paradox because I can only paint, print when I am on my own. But what I mean about isolation is an idea/project needs to breath, a space to bounce around. So its able to collect momentum.

I am interested in working with science, let me make it clear no I am not going to become a scientist. But to use it to inform my practice and ground my work. To empower, clarify, reflect, develop………my subject being Alzheimer’s and my experience of seeing my late Nan slowly disappear as the disease slowly took hold, it was very painful to watch and be a witness too.

The photograph is of my Nan’s bedroom of which she would say to me that at night she would be woken up by a man peering at her at the end of the bed. My Nan was aware that this wasn’t an actual man but she explained that it was a ghost. Whether this was a ghost or an illusion it was my Nan’s truth. And the heart breaking beginnings of her slow deterioration. As she slowly slipped into depression and began to isolate herself physical.


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