Whats more important the process or the idea?

Looking through my posts there sames to be a regular theme and that is how art school has impacted my artistic practice 13 years on Ahhhh! Art school was my photosynthesis to my germinating seed which was my discovery of art and being an artist. Another fellow artist said to me ‘being an artist is not something you choose you are born that way’ its true! Its been a curse at times believe me but these struggles shape who we are. I’m sure Adele (love or loathe her) wouldn’t have sold millions of records if her life was all plain sailing.

A very influential art teacher was Osi Osmond, he was my first art teacher who inspired me and understood me. I miss the conversations we had, he would always quiz me about art, one of the first questions he asked me is what is more important the process or idea? its a bit like the chicken and the egg. I didn’t have the answer then and 13 years on I still don’t now. Unfortunately Osi past away last year, he was a legend and I miss him and I deeply miss not being able to talk to him about art. His advice to me when I was contemplating moving into arts for wellbeing was just go and do it!

That’s why Osi was so inspiring because he nurtured artists and art by seeing ambition and passion and boasting it in the only way Osi could by being Osib_khx77uyaedsiv

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